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Meet Arielle Haller-Silverstone


Arielle Haller-Silverstone is an award-winning New York City-based actor, voice and speech coach.

She recently performed the third run of her solo show, Doris Day: What Will Be at the United Solo Theater Festival, and premiered her first short, Sac de Merde in 2018. Sac has screened at over 150 international film festivals, winning over 40 awards around the world. 

Arielle is also a Registered Rodenburg Teacher (RRT) and coaches privately with techniques based on Patsy Rodenburg's voice work.

Meet Arielle the Award Winning Storyteller

On the red carpet at the Winter Film Awards International Film Festival with BEST SHORT FILM winner Arielle Haller-Silverstone for her work in SAC DE MERDE


Arielle Sells out her on woman play: "DORIS DAY: WHAT WILL BE"

Three Years in a Row - more to come!

While filming Lover Come Back, Doris Day rushes home to Beverly Hills to prepare a dinner party. With Rock Hudson to lend moral support, and legendary guests en route, everything goes as planned until the plan unravels. Have a seat at the dinner table and uncover the secrets and scandals behind America’s favorite bubbly, blue-eyed sweetheart.

Meet Arielle the Award Winning Actress

Meet Arielle the Coach

Bring Her Success to Your Success

"Working with Arielle opened my eyes to a world of infinite possibility. She showed me that by connecting to my breath and being present I could access the power I was keeping locked up. As an actor but more importantly as a woman. She’s got a natural way of making it accessible and understandable, to which I am forever indebted."

by Arielle Voice Client


Let Arielle Help You Find Your Natural Voice

Finding your natural voice can help you in Corporate Life, Sales, Public Speaking, and Personal Connections. It is how you physically and verbally present yourself, your thoughts and ideas.

Arielle Brings All Her Natural Skills and Her Formal Training Together To Help You Find Your Natural Voice.

As a Registered Rodenburg Teacher (RRT), Arielle uses Patsy Rodenburg’s innovative body, breath, and speech techniques to identify and empower your authentic voice. In your sessions, you will:

  • release tension in the body
  • breathe more fully and deeply
  • free your natural voice
  • articulate your thoughts with clarity

Learn to develop your presence in the most important dialogues of your career, discovering your unique capacity for vocal and physical connectedness.

Arielle's clients include executives from a wide-range of industries; including PR/marketing, finance, tech, and  international litigators. She has coached on productions for Emmy and Tony-Award winners, and actors for stage and screen, including a 2019 Olivier Award nominee.

Looking for a group setting?

Arielle can customize her work to fit you and your company's needs. Whether you are looking for a two-hour session, or a day-long training experience, let Arielle guide you and your group to improved communication, heightened salesmanship, and more.

For more information, please email Arielle here.

Arielle Brings it to Stage, Film and Your Conference Room

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